An Environment to Learn Better

An Environment to Learn Better

Children’s learning is helped when they feel safe and secure.

Children who know that they can rely on the support of a caring adult are more likely to take risks, try new things, and not be afraid to make mistakes – which are all fundamental aspects of learning.

An educator really needs to ask parents or carers for information about a child, as the educator is the pedagogical expert and knows how children learn best.

Parents and carers are a child’s first educators. Without valuable input from parents or carers, the educator’s understanding of a child’s learning and development is incomplete. For example, a child might have a lot of exposure to English in the home from a relative or carer, and have good comprehension skills even though they can’t say much. This information is extremely useful for the educator.

Building a warm and trusting relationship with a child helps them learn better.

Creating a bond with children makes them feel valued. This trusting relationship fosters genuine interactions and develops confidence, both of which are essential to communication and language development.

An enabling environment is the conditions that enable a child to learn and develop.

Enabling environments to encourage children to feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable enough to be able to explore and learn. This includes the atmosphere created through warm and caring relationships, as well as the physical environment.

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