Our Classes

12 months to 2 years old

At this level, our purpose is to get kids comfortable with the very concept of a second language.
We accomplish that by playing with them in Spanish.

Research proves that exposure to a second language at this stage is the most beneficial for further learning. This level is all about playing with your kids and enjoying activities that you can easily reproduce at home.
Also, at this level, we encourage kids to repeat at their own pace.

3 to 5 years old

At this level, our purpose is to show kids that language is like a puzzle, where every piece has its place. Using a story helps the kids to understand that there is always something new to learn. 

Languages at this developmental stage should start reaching critical learning in vocabulary.
At school, kids start becoming aware of the letters and sounds, so we complement these in Spanish.

K to 1st grade

At this level, our purpose is to go deeper into the idea of language-as-a-puzzle.
Kids start to have a notion of the cumulative nature of time, so we take advantage of this by incorporating more complex storylines that develop over several classes.

We also start to explore literacy by attaching the corresponding written words to our material, and concepts of mathematics are seamlessly incorporated through stories.

Children are developmentally able to increase their familiarity with the foreign language and start to spontaneously produce some phrases by themselves: we set the stage to facilitate that process.

2nd to 3rd grade

This level is more challenging because children are developmentally expected to produce their own sentences and phrases using elements of grammar (of their own and/or a foreign language)

In their native language, kids have come to intuitively internalize language through use and repetition: we reproduce the process at a smaller, abbreviated scale for our Spanish classes.
In order to achieve this, we go one step further with our storylines and motivate the kids to provide their own ending to an open-ended story.

A more elaborate and articulate speech is achieved at this level as well as more concepts and math, which we incorporate in our classes.

4th to 5th grade

At this level, kids are very comfortable with the language and they produce their own sentences and phrases. Even when kids are exposed to a second language beginning at this stage, there is a battery of concepts and developmental skills that they already possess, which are valid in their own language as well as in a new one: we take advantage of that.

Children will create their own stories using vocabulary and phrases of a limited scope, which we enlarge as classes progress.

Also, we focus on culture in everyday life by building “un mercado” (the marketplace) as a way to encourage them to think about different cultures and everyday realities.