Partner Locations

The First Congregational Church is an Oakland landmark, an amazing and open-minded institution that rents its facilities in Downtown Oakland. PrekSpanish is honored to be among its tenants. Its spacious, welcoming rooms are ideal for the high-energy group classes that characterize PrekSpanish, and it also has its own large parking space.
Call us to observe an existing class in Downtown Oakland!
1st Congregational Church of Oakland

2501 Harrison St. 
(94612) Oakland, CA

Blue Moon is a full-featured kids learning center, specialized in language acquisition. In addition to our classes, Blue Moon is devoted to Japanese and French.
We are honored to be considered as part of their curriculum, to serve the sophisticated, demanding customer community of Alameda.

Contact us to see us in action in Alameda!
Blue Moon Learning Center

650 Central Ave.  
(94501) Alameda, CA

This church in Albany, very dear to the neighbors, opens its doors to community activities. For PrekSpanish it very convenient because the room we rent here is specially suited for kids.

Contact us to join any of our existing classes in Albany!
The Church on the Corner

1319 Solano Ave.  
(94706) Albany, CA

Happy Nest is a home-base daycare, managed by the caring, energetic, and entrepreneurial Mrs. Camucha. In addition to child care-proper, Happy Nest offers extracurricular programs such as PrekSpanish which are open to the community (i.e., you don't need to be an existing daycare customer to participate).

Contact us or this center directly if you are interested in joining a program here!
Happy Nest
Lake Merritt United Methodist Church is a welcoming and progressive church that opens its facilities to local Oakland companies. We have recently added this location near the lake in order to supplement the demand for classes near Downtown Oakland. Finish up a pleasant weekend open-air activity with a playful Spanish class along with your kids!
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Lake Merritt United Methodist Church
Global Family Elementary is an elementary school pioneering bilingual education in the district of Oakland. They entrusted PreK Spanish with training their teachers and substitutes according to the lastest curricula and techniques.

Global Family Elementary

3640 Sugarberry Ln.  
(94598) Walnut Creek, CA

1330 Lakeshore Ave.  
(94606) Oakland, CA

2025 40th Ave  
(94601) Oakland, CA

Nipaki, means "I'm happy" in Nahuatl and is an indoor creative play space for kids in the Laurel District, offering several different courses revolving around kids and Spanish language.
PrekSpanish is part of its activities roster.

If you live in the area and are interested in Spanish for your kids, sign up for an existing class, or ask for a demo class on location!

3900 MacArthur Blvd
(94619) Oakland, CA

PrekSpanish is associated with Park Mead Elementary as one of the afterschool enrichment programs offered at this learning institution from PreK to elementary. This is not a program open to the general community, only Park Mead pupils can apply, through the school administration!

ParkMead Elementary School
Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church is welcoming church and praying community. It has a functioning kindergarten and pre-kindergarten, and it sublets those rooms, (which are already completely adapted to children's needs) for our classes. We are honored by their trust and service.

Contact us if this location works for you!
Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church

1801 Lacassie Ave.
(94596) Walnut Creek, CA