Our team


Mariana Diaz


Mariana is the owner and founder of PrekSpanish.
After obtaining her university diploma and completing postgraduate studies in Spanish Literature and Education, she started developing her unique teaching method, PrekSpanish, drawing from her extensive first-hand experience as a Spanish teacher.
Mariana has given conferences all over the country describing the benefits of her method, and she is an avid researcher on childhood education, Spanish as a foreign language, and the latest teaching techniques.

Jay Toulouse

Manager and teacher

Jay is the General Manager of PrekSpanish,
leveraging her extensive experience in both sales and community outreach, Jay has helped take PrekSpanish to the next level in terms of student population and area of coverage.
Jay’s organizational skills, work ethics, and growth opportunities have allowed us to focus on what we do best: designing fun classes and teaching.
Jay has an extensive background in education, and on top of her multiple responsibilities, she still finds time to get involved in all sorts of volunteering and charitable initiatives.

Marina Grondona

Teacher/area coordinator

Marina teaches at PrekSpanish and she is regional Coordinator for the Albany and Walnut Creek areas.
In addition to teaching in those areas, Marina provides her wide and invaluable organization skills, ranging from customer acquisition to training, networking, and Human Resources.
She has worked in multidisciplinary psychology research teams, and she has years of expertise in prospecting and customer acquisition.
Also, she is an active member of several Student-Parent associations, with a strong emphasis on academics.

Wendy Bedolla

Support teacher

Wendy has been working around children since 2009. She has an incredible rapport with infants and toddlers.
She has a degree in Communications and several years of experience as a teacher for kids.
Prior to her work as a teacher, she has worked as a professional speaker, so needless to say, she has perfect Spanish diction!
She has proved a perfect fit for our approach and has achieved measurable success in helping kids with language acquisition.
We are lucky to have such an energetic, caring partner.