facebook pixel Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood)

Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood)

At the initial section where we describe moods, we introduced "tengo miedo" (I am scared) and movement verbs: "corre, camina" (run, walk), that later will link to the story.

When Caperucita picks flowers, we review some basic colors in a fluid, natural way.

A student volunteers to impersonate the wolf, who chases Caperucita, then chases Grandmother (who hides in the cupboard), and then he impersonates Grandmother.

At the climactic traditional exchange we introduce body parts: "qué ojos grandes, qué orejas grandes" (what big eyes, ears, etc). Most students, at first reluctanct to impersonate the wolf, ended up competing to volunteer!

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