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Commands (part I)

The method I am employing in this class is called "Total Physical Response" or TPR, and it consists, precisely, in getting the students to understand a concept and react in a physical manner. In this way, we communicate, even before they are capable of articulated speech.

These 22 month-olds first became comfortable with the general idea of following commands, using a "vuela, vuela" (fly, fly) playful introduction.

The commands used in this first class were: "¡Toca la puerta!" (knock on the door!) and "Siéntate!" (sit down!).

I think the most rewarding moment of the class, is when one of the kids, who was hesitant about climbing the chair, decides to go at it after watching the other one.

A method guaranteed to make your child able to communicate in Spanish, and have lots of fun in the process!

Scientifically proven, taught by professionals with long experience in the field.

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