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Ricitos de Oro (Goldilocks)

As we do at the beginning of each class, in this segment we review ways to express how we feel ("bien", "mal"), and introduce a new mood: "enojado" (angry).

We follow by issuing some movement commands they already know: "correr" (run), "saltar" (jump), but with the addition of how fast we perform the action: "lento" (slowly) or "rápido" (fast)

Finally, we commence with the story, introducing the characters.

Notice how, although the puppets are approximately the same size, the children already grasp the concept of "Papá Oso" being big ("grande"), but "Bebé Osito" being small ("pequeño").

They also know, intuitively, what size of soup plate corresponds to each one.

A method guaranteed to make your child able to communicate in Spanish, and have lots of fun in the process!

Scientifically proven, taught by professionals with long experience in the field.

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