Language at Play

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12 months to 2 years old

At this level, our purpose is to get kids comfortable with the very concept of a second language.
We accomplish that by playing with them in Spanish.

3 to 5 years old

At this level, our purpose is to show kids that language is like a puzzle, where every piece has its place. Using a story helps the kids to understand that there is always something new to learn. 

K to 1st grade

At this level, our purpose is to go deeper into the idea of language–as–a–puzzle.
Kids start to have a notion of the cumulative nature of time, so we take advantage of this by incorporating more complex storylines that develop over several classes.

2nd to 3rd grade

This level is more challenging because children are developmentally expected to produce their own sentences and phrases using elements of grammar (of their own and/or a foreign language).

4th to 5th grade

At this level, kids are very comfortable with the language and they produce their own sentences and phrases. Even when kids are exposed to a second language beginning at this stage, there is a battery of concepts and developmental skills that they already possess, which are valid in their own language as well as in a new one: we take advantage of that.


Culture and language

Which came first, language or culture? What is the difference between the two?

Finding good program

Good programs come in different sizes and shapes and what it is good for one family, isn’t for another.

Teaching Techniques

These are some of the teaching techniques and approaches I use in my PrekSpanish classes.

Brain Beneficts

The latest studies about the relationship between the brain and bilingualism.

Customer Reviews

PreK Spanish teachers are amazing. They keep my six-year-old son very engaged during their time together. Highly recommend!
Amy Remsen
Sterling's mom
Prek Spanish teachers are amazing! My daughter looks forward to her online classes every week. And I can see that she has learn a lot of Spanish. You can tell the teachers love teaching. I definitely recommend them.
Jessica Torres
Amaya's mom
PreK Spanish teachers have continued to be wonderful during the Covid-19 pandemic. The switch from an in-person to online class was handled seamlessly, and my son really liked the way his teacher used zoom, online video, songs, and stories to engage him, even at a distance.
Macy Parker
Leo's mom
This class is great! I highly recommend! My son Ramiro is learning Spanish And he just turned 3. He is doing amazing with the the online class. It is fun and informative!! Wednesday Spanish class is awesome 🐷 🐮 🦆 We are learning about farm animals and numbers along with pronunciation. Ramiro also loves all the fun songs that are included, the teacher is wonderful. We will be taking as many classes as we can in the future 💚
Katevi Cordova
Ramiro's mom
Ramiro learning animals
Mariana is an excellent teacher. She is so good with my daughter. You  can tell by the way she interacts with her students; how much she cares for children in general. And her lesson plans are very through. After only a couple of months with PreK Spanish my daughter's Spanish speaking skills has far exceeded my expectations. The lesson plans involve parents, so I am even learning a bit myself!
Elizabeth Write
Ann's mom